PC Build Guide FEB 2017

Feb 2017 PC build guide: Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 70,000/-

  1. Core Build Guide- Rs. 35,000/-
  2. Wishlist, Total and Config List
  3. Peripherals/Add-ons

PC Build guide under INR 70,000/- !

A mid-end PC system keeps many types of enthusiasts and PC users happy. Beyond gaming, this gives an edge to those who either play/stream games or require for video editing, rendering and content creation. While the Rs. 60,000/- IN build inherits few components from the earlier recommended build guide, the processing system and its native features are significantly higher. Unfortunately, AMD Ryzen is not out. While its wise to say that with such budget its best to wait, the waiting game is not everybody’s cup of tea. For some, its leisure. For some, its for work. So I am merely suggesting what you could get within or around this budget.

While I used Amazon India prices as a reference for this guide, there’s a good chance you may get it locally for a cheaper pricing.

Core System Build for Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 70,000/- IN

Processor: Intel Core i5 6500/ CPU

Mid end desktop processors take a lot of time to become obsolete and hence it really doesn’t make sense to jump in the kaby lake plans. But the Intel i5 7600 is actually cheaper than the previous generation Intel i5 6500. While in gaming it shouldn’t be any significant difference, I am sure the Core i5 7600 will have a better advantage than the Core i5 6500.

Motherboard: MSI B150M MORTAR/ Asus B150M Plus/ GIGABYTE GA-B150M-D3H

Three motherboards are often picked by system assemblers for this budget, but with Gigabyte B150M-D3H being the most common. The main physical difference is that the B150M MORTAR from MSI provides M.2 capacity for the short 40mm drives. If at some point you would like to buy a good M.2 drive, you’ll be stuck somewhere due to the space restriction. Another main benefit is that the D3H provides eight SATA III that shares bandwidth with M.2, while Asus B150M Plus simply provides six. On the other hand, B150M has a type-C port towards the rear I/O. The choice depends on your need.

Why not H270? Because of the pricing. The B150 series motherboards that’s shortlisted have an M.2, USB 3.0 and in one case a Type-C port.

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