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Free games for PlayStation Plus members – December 2013

2013 was another exciting year , but it will soon come to an end. Sony has decided to make the new year special for PlayStation Plus members by giving the most anticipated games FREE for its PSN + members. Microsoft should really learn a thing or two from Sony. Saying this because XBL members are getting Gears of War, a game released in 2006 free for its “paying” members!

Anyways, November had its share of great games. To take the offer, check out the PlayStation Plus site.  The games that will be leaving PSN are:

  • GRID 2 ( 24.12.2013) PS3
  • Dragons Dogma : Dark Arisen (24.12.2013) PS3
  • Sonic & All stars Racing Transformed (24.12.2013) PS Vita
  • Contrast (08.01.2014) PS4

And the NEW games that will coming in December:

  • Borderlands 2 (24.12.2013) PS3

This was one of the most anticipated games of 2012. So if you still have not got your hands on this one, now is the perfect time. Gather your friends so that you can make the most of Co-op mode.

  • DMC : Devil May Cry (24.12.2013) PS3

This is a must have for people who love hack and slash games.

  • Soul Sacrifice (24.12.2013) PS Vita

  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extended (24.12.2013)  PS Vita

  • Don’t Starve (08.01.2014) PS4


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