Future-release AMD Zen APUs to use Polaris GPU

The Polaris-equipped Zen APUs is reportedly scheduled for 2017 release

While AMD Zen architecture is ready for release by this year. One of the SKUs is expected to be quad based processing unit with up to 11 GCN cores. One of the APUs is expected to be with four cores with 512KB Cache each and an 8MB L3 Cache. The Zen-based APUs will be using the new AM4 socket and it’s going to be its first desktop processor to support DDR4. It will bring native USB 3.1 support and NVMe to be future-ready.

It is said to provide DisplayPort 1.3, HDMI 2.0 and/or just a DisplayPort 1.4. The next generation APU will be providing H.265 10-bit hardware encoding and decoding. Its TDP would be somewhere between the 45w and 65w. It’s embedded counterpart will have its TDP ranging between 12w to 45w TDP.

It is also said that some of these APUs will support ECC memory. Not much about its SKUs are known for now, but at least we know that it would have some future-ready features.

The future variants would use Polaris 10 based design for its graphics processing. These are expected to be out by next year.  By the time Polaris powered Zen APUs are out, it’s likely that it would have somewhat similar features as the Polaris 10 based RX 460 graphic card. But with much lesser stream processors. This would also trickle down to notebooks, embedded solutions and maybe gaming consoles.

There is also a rumour circulating that AMD will have an eight-core Zen or Summit Ridge processor that went through validation via its standard testing method. This is also rumoured to come out by October. Time will tell if this is true- or how good it is compared to its rival’s offering.

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