Futuremark 3DMark update brings in VRMark Preview, New UI

Futuremark rolled out a new update for its 3DMark benchmark. The newer update adds VR preview for its Advanced and Professional Editions. Futuremark states that you wouldn’t require reviewers and other types of users to own a VR headset to run its VR suite. The VRMark allows users to check out two VR scenes while running it. The difference between the two scenes is that the first is made for systems that meet basic specification, and second for a powerful unit. Since its a preview version, you just get to watch them and enjoy the VR awesomeness. Futuremark points out that its benchmark test for VR will test its performance and latency.

The company added:

VR experiences come in many different forms, from 3D photos and 360 degree video to immersive games and complex simulations. Each one has different performance requirements. But in every case, failing to meet those requirements can spoil the experience.

VRMark includes a range of performance tests based on different levels of VR content. Find out if your PC has what it takes to support the most popular VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR, and more. Or connect your own headset and get detailed reports on frame rate consistency, dropped frames, and SDK overhead.

It further added that VRMark uses a combination of software and hardware to evaluate latency, response time and persistence. Low persistences on VR displays will be more comfortable as it will have reduced motion blur. VR Headset

It should also be pointed out that Futuremark listed the availability of VR headsets from multiple manufacturers, followed by resolution-per-eye and its refresh rate.


Apart from that, the 3DMark benchmark has a new interface for 2016. Along with the new interface, Futuremark enabled its steam users to have more flexibility by allowing them to download specific tests. Those who have 3DMark Advanced Editions will also be able to do the same.

The benchmark variant of the VRMark doesn’t have a launch date for now, but Futuremark indicated that its next update will include a new DX12 benchmark test called ‘Time Spy’. On the bright side, you’ll know if a test system is set for VR by using one or both the VR scenes. Steam also has its VR performance benchmark utility that doesn’t require the system to have a VR headset as well.

For those who are interested, you can check out this link. The update logs are as follows:

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