Futuremark to release brand new test for 3DMark soon

Futuremark recently made an announcement that will be introducing a new DirectX11 based benchmark test for 3DMark called ‘Sky Diver’. Sky Diver test is designed to test gaming notebooks and mid-end computer systems.

3dmark-sky-diver-screenshot-2According to Futuremark, 3DMark Sky test is an ‘ideal’ test not just testing a mainstream DX11 capable gaming system, but also mobile GPUs or systems with integrated graphics. While tests like Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme is more to simulate test conditions equivalent of modern games with ultra-high settings, Sky Driver simulates closer to a DX11 games with normal in-game settings.

The benchmark will be using a series of tessellation, particles and advanced post-processing effects to calculate the performance of the system. Though Futuremark said that it will show-off the benchmark at Computex, they did release a demo video of the test:

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