GALAX RTX 2080 EX 1-Click OC Graphics Card Review

  1. About the GALAX RTX 2080 EX 1-Click OC Graphics card...
  2. Graphics Card Design
  3. How its tested
  4. Futuremark Benchmark
  5. OpenGL Benchmarks
  6. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  7. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  8. Hitman
  9. DOOM
  10. GPU Computation Benchmark
  11. Folding at Home and LuxMark OpenCL Benchmark
  12. SuperPosition Benchmark
  13. Power Draw and Fan Noise Levels
  14. GPU Cooling and Manual OC Impressions
  15. Conclusion
  16. Online Purchase Links

About the card…

Picking a non-reference graphics card is a daunting task- power consumption, design, cooling performance warranty, pricing and local RMA reputation are a few factors for buyers to narrow down their choices.

This is where the GALAX RTX 2080 EX 8G gets lost.

Competing with NVIDIA’s reference edition is not a way forward. While I can’t speak about Founders Edition design, it is a competition with higher boost clock speed, seemingly competent cooler design (compared to its earlier blower design) and a lack of USB Type-C. GALAX’s cooling shroud and backplates are plastic, but this point can be dismissed in the favour or lighter option. GALAX should also consider switching to ball-bearing fans.

Most of these cons disappear with the RTX 2080 EX OC. But it also faces options against other AIC units. This is where GALAX needs to play either the pricing game, assuming NVIDIA would allow that- or have useful accessories with factory-overclocked profiles. In this case, just that the +45MHz on the base clock set out of the box.

About the utility…

The utility can always be updated and GALAX doesn’t need to look very far. RivaTuner skinned Afterburner is one good example. It just needs a better interface design.

But it is best if GALAX adds the built-in vBIOS search and flash utility with the ability to store OC profiles in the system. As a bonus, it can always the option to save its monitoring data in a log file, much like how GPU-Z does.

Indian pricing

This graphics card is not available through Amazon India, US and UK. It is available via well-known retailers and therefore I’ll pick Prime ABGB’s listing.

In India, it plays the pricing card rather well. The RTX 2080 EX OC is itself priced for Rs. 61,999/-. This would make more sense to pick up over the EX “1-Click OC” model for its higher out-of-the-box clock speed, 8+2 phase power distribution. Other graphics cards are priced at a higher price segment.

The RTX 2080 EX OC 8G is cheapest graphics card sold in Prime ABGB at the time of writing, with RTX 2080 WindForce OC sold for Rs. 66,500. The WindForce OC, on the other hand, has two OC profiles- 1785 MHz boost clock under “gaming” mode out-of-the-box and 1800 in OC mode, which matches the Founders Edition. While I am not aware of GIGABYTE RTX 2080’s cooling capability, it has three fans. This and the EX OC has the USB Type-C for Virtual-Link.

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