Gamer Asks Refund For Bioshock Infinite’s ‘Forced Baptism’ Scene

Breen Malmberg never expected to be offended when he bought Bioshock: Infinite as the game requires the character to accept baptism in order to get into Columbia. But Breen didn’t like the idea at all and refused to go any further. He then demanded a refund.

He said,”As baptism of the Holy spirit is at the center of Christianity – of which I am a devout believer – I am basically being forced to make a choice between committing extreme blasphemy by my actions in choosing to accept this ‘choice’ or forced to quit playing the game before it even really starts. Of course I cannot hold true to my beliefs and also commit this act, so I am therefore forced to not play the game.”

During the interview, Malmbery made it clear that he wouldn’t have reacted this way if baptism was not forced onto its player.

He shared a letter that he sent to Valve while demanding for a full refund:

    I wish to return/exchange this game (Bioshock Infinite) for steam credit or refund on the grounds that I cannot play it.
I cannot play it because at the very beginning of the game there is a section of the game that is so offensive to my religious beliefs that I cannot proceed with it any further. I did not know this section of the game was there and had no way of knowing it was there before-hand as it was not shown in any trailers, previews, screenshots or other marketing material.
The player is forced to make a choice which amounts to extreme blasphemy in my religion (Christianity) in order to proceed any further – and am therefor forced (in good conscience) to quit playing and not able to experience approx. 99% of the content in the game.
There is no option to turn this particular content off or to bypass or skip it in any way. In Modern Warfare 2, they at least allowed you to skip a particularly offensive level (
http://www.destructoid.com/modern-warfare…). This is the same sort of thing for me, but there is no way to skip it in this case.
Please issue a full refund or store credit in the amount of the price of the game (Bioshock Infinite) as I had no idea that I would not be able to play this game before I bought it.
If you need further convincing, I will use the analogy that if you were a muslem, it would be like forcing the player into an in-game action of “press x to spit on the face of allah” in order to proceed any further with the game and with no choice or way around doing so.
I apologize for the potentially misleading choice of category for this request, but you do not have a category I can choose that accurately fits my needs.
Thank you


Malmberg confirmed that he has received a full refund from Valve.

Source: Kotaku

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