GDDR3 memory prices to increase by 10%-15%

The effects of DRAM chips have affected practically anything with memory chips on them and graphics cards are certainly not an exception. A report indicated that their unnamed sources have informed them that many graphics card vendors have increased the GPU’s retail pricing with GDDR3 memory by 10-15%, all because of the increase in the DRAM pricing implemented by all the manufacturers.

It was highlighted before that DRAM prices have been increased by all the vendors, such as Micron, Hynix, Samsung and many of such manufacturers.

It was also highlighted before that due to the increase of pricing in DRAM, it is going to affect Smartphones and tablets a lot more than one could speculate due to the demand of the products even with unknown local brands and with Top Tier manufacturers.


It should be highlighted that according to technology research and advisory company, Gartner, Inc. there was a decline of 2.6% in the worldwide semiconductor revenue in 2012, which amounts to a loss of about $299.9 Billion. Steve Ohr, research director for Gartner, Inc. did make a statement 5 days ago that,”The normal drivers of semiconductor industry growth — the computing, wireless, consumer electronics and automotive electronics sectors — all suffered serious disruption in 2012. Even the industrial/medical, wired communications and military/aerospace sectors ― ordinarily less affected by changes in consumer sentiment ― suffered severe declines in semiconductor consumption.”

Although Digitimes states that due to PC’s weak demand, the sources believe that this shouldn’t affect and upset consumers, but as PC enthusiasts and end- users I am sure many would disagree with this.  It also is said that motherboard’s estimated pricing is also expected to rise by June in anticipation of Intel’s 4th generation Core series launch, Haswell. This will create a problem for many who are looking forward to a clean upgrade plan with the Haswell platform which is said to release in June 2013.

Source: Digitimes

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