Gearbox Software and Sega in crosshairs for false ad

Gearbox Software and Sega were recently named in a lawsuit that the trailers and demos of Aliens: Colonial Marines did not match up to the final product when released. The game has many negative reviews because of it, followed by anger expressed by the games.

The suite has used quoted a tweet by Gearbox’s head Randy Pitchford who said that the difference between demo, trailers and end product is ‘understood and fair’. It was also highlighted that the demo was labelled as ‘actual gameplay’, and Sega did not send the press copies of the game until the early morning of the day when the game was released.

The lawsuit is filed by Damion Perrine and Law firm Edelson LLC. who will need to show the statistics of gamers who were misled because of this to push the lawsuit forward in their favour?

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