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Geekbench info highlights upcoming mid-end Intel Rocket Lake-S CPUs

For the past couple of days, some leaks are from Intel. The closer to future release is the LGA-1200 based Rocket Lake-S. And engineering sample of the 11th generation 8-core/ 16-thread processor appeared in Geekbench testing. Typically as such things go, it hints some level of progress, if not readiness.

Products leaks should be taken with some salt as always. But it shows its progress, if not the best indication of the pre-production’s configuration and performance. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to see where it stands in performance. The expectations need to be realistic since it is based on the same 14nm processing node Intel has been using since 2013 for its notebooks but has been improving consistently (14nm+ and 14nm++).

So, what can we expect from Rocket Lake-S, apart from incremental performance increase, optimizations and maybe some encoding support?

Rocket Lake-S specc’d mid-end CPU with Xe graphics

This unmarked CPU is likely a mid-range Core i5 offering since we already have a 10-core/ 20-thread based Comet Lake-S flagship processor for the Z490 motherboard. The CPU is clocked at 3.19 GHz/ 4.28 GHz The star of the show is probably going to be Gen 12 Xe On-chip graphics clocked at 1.15 GHz. This is notable as Intel vows to improve on-chip CPU performance significantly. Since its aligning with the launch of its discrete graphics card lineup, this should be interesting to see.

The unknown is paired with a 16GB DDR4 ram. It is not clear if it is running on a new chipset but I wouldn’t be surprised if a CPU this young will be rolled with a BIOS update for its currently available Z490 motherboards. During its test, it did roll churn out an OpenCL score of 6266 points. With improvements in time and finalized drivers, we can safely assume the CPU with this spec should be same or exceed the present OpenCL scores. Like all things CPUs and GPUs, there will more leaks in the future.

The situation with AMD and Intel so far…

AMD already prepped, shipped and primed for release with its newer Matisse refresh CPUs. So far it didn’t feel the need to release Ryzen 4000 series CPUs. It should be noted that according to AMD’s original plan, 2020 will be the last for AM4. Unless something has changed or AMD is delaying 4th gen further, this shouldn’t change. That said, the generation after Rocket Lake-S, the Alder Lake, will have an all-new LGA 1700 socket.

Would it be too much to ask a simpler SKU numbering from Intel?

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