GeForce GPU+ Ryzen 3000 users report WHEA errors

Nvidia software Quality Analyst responds promptly and starts working on a possible solution

Many PC enthusiasts with AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards are facing WHEA errors. Naturally, they would turn towards forums and Reddit for a solution. Only to find out they’re not the only one with this problem. This discussion happened on Reddit where users have been sharing their experiences and data in a sub-reddit. At first, users speculated this could be the issue with the X570 platform. This is the platform is the first to adopt the PCIe 4.0 standard. But users with AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU/ X370 motherboard combo have indicated the same.

Nvidia QA responds

Eventually, it had to get someone’s attention. One of the posts named Manuel Guzman, a Software QA for Nvidia who is made aware of this problem. He requested users to submit a Display Driver Feedback to collect enough data. The green team gained plenty of MSINFO32 files from AMD Ryzen 3000/Nvidia GTX users who experienced random WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture) errors. The WHEA error is triggered during gaming and such graphics card intensive workloads. Manuel said he was able to reproduce the problem and started to work on it. It’s unclear if they will if its something they will need to provide a Hotfix driver for. Regardless, the active participation by engineers and Analysts are always appreciated.

What about AMD???

Many might argue this should have encouraged AMD to acknowledge the issue in public. AMD is most likely to find a fix since it doesn’t involve previous generation Ryzen or any Intel CPUs. Therefore, implying it can be something in the platform that may need a Hotfix or a UEFI update. As of now, there is no public or informal posting from AMD or its employees. There is a rep AMD_Robert who is extremely active and helpful in many relatable sub-Reddits. Most likely folks from both companies may have shared notes to quickly find a solution. It shouldn’t be surprising if someone from Nvidia software division contacted their friend/colleague in the red team- or vice versa.

To show some cheeky sense of humour, Nvidia tweeted AMD when the Ryzen 3000 series was launched. Seeing how the benchmarks show in AMD’s favour and Nvidia discrete GPU dominance, seeing this combo is very common.

This is, of course, while keeping out the RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT. Sometimes rival brand’s banter is friendly. Sometimes, its in poor taste.

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