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Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980Ti SOC GPU Review

  1. Introduction, Packaging and Specifications
  2. Closer Look
  3. Utility and Manual Overclocking
  4. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  5. 3DMark (2013) Benchmark
  6. 3DMark 11 Benchmark
  7. OpenGL Benchmark- Cinebench 11.5 and R15
  8. Heaven 4.0 Benchmark
  9. Hitman Absolution
  10. Shadow of Mordor
  11. GTA V Benchmark
  12. GRID Autosport Benchmark
  13. GPU Computation Benchmark
  14. Folding at Home and LuxMark OpenCL Benchmark
  15. Preset Profiles and Overclocking Impressions
  16. Conclusion
  17. Online Purchase Links

A particular Gigabyte GTX 980 that I reviewed earlier made a good impression. It was a good quality, good packaging and pretty large copper plate for the GPU core and thicker heatpipes. Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980Ti SOC does not disappoint in the same way. This non-reference GTX 980Ti seems to have the complete package along with three clock speed profiles.

The packaging is pretty straightforward from the outside, but Gigabyte uses foam instead of card or plastic like the previously reviewed Gainward Phantom GTX 970 GPU.

The review unit has all the protection caps for the connector, PCIe and the SLI interface. The card stands out at first glance because of the silver highlights on both sides of the metal cooling shroud. In my opinion, foams are better at protecting such expensive components.

Chipset GeForce GTX 980 Ti
Core Clock Boost:1279 / Base: 1190 MHz in OC Mode
Boost:1241 / Base: 1152 MHz in Gaming Mode
Memory Clock 7010 MHz
Process Technology 28 nm
Memory Size 6 GB
Memory Bus 384 bit
Card Bus PCI-E 3.0
Memory Type GDDR5
DirectX 12
OpenGL 4.5
Digital max resolution 4096 X 2160
Analog max resolution 2048 x 1536
Multi-view 4
I/O Dual-link DVI-I / Dual-link DVI-D / HDMI / DisplayPort*3
Card size H=39 L=296 W=120 mm
Power requirement 600W (with two 8-pin external power connectors)

Zotac GTX 980Ti Extreme AMP! was tested much earlier, and hence, this makes it easier to compare it with.

Nvidia Reference GTX 980Ti G1 Gaming 980Ti
(Gaming Mode)
G1 Gaming 980Ti
(OC Mode)
G1 Gaming 980Ti
(ECO Mode)
Base Clock (MHz) 1000 1152 1190 1062
Boost Clock (MHz) 1075 1241 1279 1151
Dimensions (inches) 4.376 (H) x 10.5″ (L) 4.72 (H) x 11.65” (L)

As one would expect, Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980Ti SOC is a bit bigger card than its reference variant. The card has three modes (advertised as two in its packaging but OC GURU II highlights three), of which even the ‘ECO’ mode has a higher base and boost clock compared to its reference’s setup.

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