Gigabyte India dares to go beyond motherboards; GPU, notebooks and other components gets listed!

Gigabyte has a wide range of products available in the international market including other PC hardware components but when it comes to India, we only get to see motherboards. To those who don’t know, Gigabyte also makes graphic cards, notebooks, pc systems, keyboards, mouse and a lot more. In India, we used to get power supplies, graphic cards (maybe even now) and a mouse, but that was usually via a distributor. Since its not backed up by a management, distributors tend to stop importing and selling certain branded units, eventually putting existing users in a fix in regards to warranty. Every now and then I get to see Indian buyers with Gigabyte graphic cards posting messages in the company’s Facebook page about the problem they’re facing.

gigabyte india

Well, it looks like things are going to change as Gigabyte India’s website lists the entire portfolio. It should be noted that internationally, Gigabyte India has separate management for motherboards and for graphic cards, therefore referring it as ‘Gigabyte Motherboard’ and ‘Gigabyte VGA’. Though at this point, its uncertain who will be the distributor of those graphic cards, but sources indicate that Ingram Micro will be importing and distributing graphic cards in India. Heck, Gigabyte’s case lineups are also listed in its Indian portal.

This is an interesting turn of events, and the timing looks too good considering that MSI India is also making a comeback from its hibernation for over a year with its complete range- motherboard, graphic cards and notebooks. Time will tell how this will work out, and if the multiple options will work out as a benefit for gamers.

Speaking of notebooks, you can’t help but wonder what would MSI and Gigabyte India’s stand will be in relation with e-commerce websites. In one corner, Lenovo, Asus and other brands seem to be the vanguard of anti e-commerce mentality amongst the ‘traditional’ channel partners/ dealers & inducing fear and confusing among owners and potential buyers- and in another corner, the new entries who will likely have to take this as an advantage to boost their sales and presence as quick as effective as possible. But would they both pull a fast one to comply with whoever is forcing their hand.


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