Gigabyte India’s latest announcement of their revamped warranty terms shows testing done with sub-standard power supplies

Gigabyte India recently posted a picture and their press release in their Facebook page about their revamped warranty terms in India, but a picture attached with it shows a sad reality otherwise.

The picture shows that Gigabyte motherboards are tested with substandard power supplies, those ones which eventually damages the systems. What’s also unfortunate to see that looking at the AC plug sockets on the power supply which also has a separate socket which used to supply power to CRT monitors many years ago is what is used to test these motherboards.

It should be pointed out, that hard drives are kept in anti-static bags and kept over these sub-standard power supplies, which also have questionable EM filtering.

Manufacturers and their authorized service centers usually try to repair a motherboard before thinking of a replacement. However, seeing that such power supplies are being used to test motherboards in the first place, one will have to start asking questions about the service center quality testing etiquettes.

There have been many cases where end users in India have pointed out multiple issues after sending the motherboard for repairs, of which even service center agents and managers start to blame users claiming that they use power supply. Two of many cases can be read in a detailed report in Indian tech forums, such as here and here, both cases originating from Accel Frontline service centers from 2 different locations. Its just extremely impossible to believe in a company’s press release which says that their revamped RMA policy will ensure faster and more efficient support.

Gigabyte shouldn’t really be the only whose RMA/testing procedures in India should be questioned and seen with a skepticism. There have been many times (irrespective of the manufacturer, agency and location) people have complained about numerous issues developing in hardware that is being repaired, especially graphic cards.


There have been times where Indian tech forums have posts and complaints pointing out that motherboards are stacked, covered with layers of dust and just left there in a miserable condition, which eventually leads to pins and PCB being bent- and even worse, socket pins on Intel LGA sockets.

Seeing that there have been times when a lot of managers and even companies don’t seem to keep an eye to see if the quality is really maintained (or lack of knowledge to deem ‘quality’), it looks as if  many of such individuals prefer the art of passing buck and eventually blame the customer, who ironically claim that the reason for his component breaking down is because he is using a bad power supply. At the very least in Gigabyte and Accel Frontline’s case, they need to re-think their definition of ‘efficiency’ and make sincere efforts to live up to the meaning of those words being used in the press release.

  1. LOST FAITH OFFICIALLY! Never buying any motherboards unless I can see what’s happening in my city’s service centre! not expected from gigabyte at all.. kudos to sorcerer who is the only one in india who is reporting such serious issues.

  2. Accel Frontline is one of the worst service providers.They simply dont care for end users at all.Companies selecting them as thier a.s.s provider are seriously putting their reputation at stakes.

  3. Rashi, tirupati, accel frontline- big no no!! digicare create issues for non repairable items like rams and flash drives….

    rashi because of the issues they’ve made for me. tirupati’s warranty and pricing policy on power supplies is questionable at best, digicare except flash products, are good. Accel Frontline is the worst! they’ve destroyed by k380i and refused to accept that they broke the camera lid despite taking the picture infront of them before giving it for service. when you go to these guys, please strap a camera and a mic on you.

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