gigabyte vga gtx 980

Gigabyte VGA cards are officially available in India

gigabyte vga gtx 980

Better late than never. Among existing GPU players like Asus, Sapphire, XFX and Zotac, Gigabyte VGA officially made its announcement that its GPUs will be available here. This is something that we’ve already pointed it out earlier before noticed it. How well they do it is something remains to be seen. As always, we’ll review Gigabyte GPUs just like how we always do with other hardware.

The distribution is handled by Ingram Micro, but the service is handled by Accel Frontline. Gigabyte assured in its press release that it GPUs carry 3-year warranty period.

Edit (14.10.2014): I couldn’t help but notice that Nvidia India’s announcement that Gigabyte VGA will be selling exclusive Nvidia GPUs.

nvidia india gigabyte

Well, Nvidia has many AiB partners, but I am speculating that what they’re trying to say is that Gigabyte VGA India will only sell Nvidia graphic cards. In any case, I’ve asked Gigabyte VGA India team to confirm and I’ll post it here once we get an update.

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GIGABYTE Enters Indian Graphics Card Market                        

A wide range of premium graphics cards, and superior local customer service are now available in India

gigabyte vga india 

Taipei, Taiwan, 13 October, 2014 — GIGABYTE, world’s leading premium hardware brand, has launched the full range of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in India with exclusive distribution partner, INGRAM MICRO. Combined with technical expertise, innovative products, and superb customer service, GIGABYTE is now bringing its top-notch quality products to the market, and providing Indian users the ultimate graphics experience.

Given the significance and an anticipated strong growth in the future, India has been targeted as one of GIGABYTE key markets for graphics cards in the coming years. By cooperating with INGRAM MICRO, the nationwide leader in IT distribution, GIGABYTE graphics cards have become more easily accessible to local users across the country. Speaking about this partnership, Mayank Sharma, country manager of Graphic Card Business Unit at GIGABYTE, said, “As for the rapidly growing emerging market like India, the extensive expertise of INGRAM MICRO will be a fast access for us to enter effectively into the market, and increase our presence in the country. We believe we will receive great results together”.

To ensure customer service is responded in a timely manner, GIGABYTE collaborates with India’s leading integrated IT services provider, Accel Frontline Ltd. All graphics cards have a 3 year carry-in warranty provided by the nearest GIGABYTE Authorized Service Center.

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