Gigabyte X570 X570S Fan

Gigabyte X570S motherboard hints at fanless chipset cooling

An eagle-eyed source spotted a Gigabyte X570S pre-production motherboard that doesn’t have a chipset fan typical of all X570 motherboards. According to one source, we could see a Zen 3 Refresh lineups, codenamed ‘Warhol’. But at the time, it’s uncertain if these chips are retail ready if true. The X570S, however, is a thing.

Would we see AMD X570S motherboard lineups from respective AIB partners? It’s coming, for sure! There are times such products are pushed out at the last moment with certain optimizations. But sometimes they’re ready enough to be mass-produced but for reasons, it gets pulled down. Hence my scepticism about Warhol CPUs. It’s the first time AMD (and others) experiment, optimize and refresh with different SKUs and naming scheme. For example, legend has it that AMD originally may have planned to call X470 as Z490. The existence of these motherboards was found in certain markets, again from Gigabyte. It was later changed to X470 for reasons we may not know (except it look a little petty to match Intel’s numbering scheme). X570 is the successor for subsequent Ryzen CPU releases.

That one annoying fan in the X570 motherboards…

The reason why X570 needed a fan irrespective of the motherboard make is that it just takes too much power and dissipates heat to require a fan. Alas, these are usually brushless fans using sleeve bearings in a worst-case scenario. This wasn’t emphasized at the time since B550 and X570 were the first motherboards to have PCIe 4.0 divided between PCIe x16 and 1st M.2 PCie 4.0 slot. Intel did launch the new Z590 motherboards with 11th generation Rocket Lake-S CPUs. But unlike the AMD platform whose 16 PCIe 4.0 lanes came from the chipset, the twenty PCIe 4.0 lanes comes directly from the CPU.

The S probably stands for “Hope” in the sense that the chipset is passive, and hence Silence. I am sure everyone, including AIB partners, would like this fan business to just blow away. Even MSI said this is something nobody wants, but it was needed on the X570 chipset. It would have been nice if AMD did this a lot sooner than later. We’ll never know if this was a knee jerk reaction to the Intel Z590 chipset. Or merely a coincidence.

Gigabyte’s X570S Variants

Gigabyte submitted eight motherboards to the European Economic Community (ECC) for clearance. These would be called AORUS MASTER, AORUS ELITE AX, AORUS ELITE, AORUS PRO AX, AERO G, and GAMING X with X570S nomenclature. It’s likely other AIB partners would have variants as well. But for now, we know about the Gigabyte X570S motherboards.

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