Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI Rev 1.0 mini-ITX Motherboard Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Motherboard Layout Overview
  4. Components Overview
  5. CPU Cooler and GPU clearance
  6. BIOS Layout
  7. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  8. Futuremark Benchmarks
  9. Memory Benchmarks
  10. USB 3.0 Benchmark
  11. SATA III Performance Test
  12. LAN Performance Test
  13. Boot Load Test
  14. Conclusion
  15. Online Purchase Links

Gigabyte managed to squeeze six SATA ports. This is excellent, considering manufacturers tend to implement about 4 of them for miniITX. If you’re an end-user who is shifting from an mATX and upwards form factor to miniITX form factor, but need a motherboard that can allow you to connect few drives? All you need to think about now is getting a good mini-ITX motherboard with that many 3.5″ bays at max.

This is particularly useful. I do wish that the SATA ports nearer to the first DIMM slot was inverted. It more of a minor inconvenience, especially when you need to remove your SATA cables with locking latch. Other two SATA ports are below the 24 pin ATX connector. They’re not right-angled but considering right angled SATA ports would take more space, I am sure people would rather prefer more SATA ports given the choice.

The front panel connectors, the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 header are in the line, with a PCIe x16 and a front panel audio header connector to its top left corner.


From left: 2x USB 2.0 port with a Keyboard/motherboard PS/2 port, a dual wireless antenna connector with a DVI-I port, surprisingly followed by 2x HDMI ports, a total of 4x USB 3.0 ports and 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports and 6x audio jacks with an SPDIF out connector.

What should be appreciated that given its form factor, 2x HDMI and 2x Ethernet does provide a good deal overall, for those who require it.


Unlike certain motherboard manufacturers who have a direct antenna that connects on the motherboard (like how Zotac ID92 Plus has), there’s a long enough cable so that you can place it on your desk.

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