Google invests $450 million in ADT, gets exclusive hardware deal

ADT and Google are joining forces for “a long-term, strategic partnership”. ADT will get $450 million from Google as an investment and the companies will work together on their smart homes and home security. Google says that together with ADT they will work on “creating the next generation of helpful homes”. ADT added that the collaboration “will combine Nest’s award-winning hardware and services, powered by Google’s machine-learning technology, with ADT’s installation, service, and professional monitoring.” You can see the details of the work on

The two companies have been working on developing smart home security for years. While Google is an internet and tech giant, ADT is a classic home security company that tries to compete with the new generation smart home security solutions. ADT is the United States leading smart home security provider. The company has over 6 million clients including families and small businesses. ADT has 20,000 security professionals and nine alarm monitoring centres. ADT and Google will develop and deliver innovations to create a better smart home security experience. 

Google’s Hardware upgrades are also focused on smartphones

Google recently announced Pixel 4a. It is the second smartphone in mid-range after releasing the company’s first Pixel 3a. The phone was expected to be available in May but when the COVID-19 struck the world, the factories closed down and it became very hard to monitor and manage the production and the details needed for the release of the phone. Ultimately, the release was delayed for two months. Google also reveals the new hardware in fall so we might see the next smartphones in just two months. Teasers for Google Pixel 4A 5G and Google Pixel 5 are already out. Google usually only releases two models per event, with a regular display and a larger display. Other differences are screen resolution and battery life. Pixel 4a will not have an XL size. However, Pixel 4a 5G seems a bit larger than Pixel 4a. Pixel 4a 5G, as well as Pixel 5, might also have better hardware and better processors. For this reason, the phones are perfect for gaming. It’s perfect for both – app gaming and iGaming. While the processor of Pixel 4a is good for playing games Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 will be more advanced. Advanced iGaming platforms offer live casino games that feature online casino dealer. Live casino games demand powerful processors so that users can play without any interruptions. It’s very important to have a powerful processor. With new hardware, Google’s new smartphones will be way more advanced for playing live casino games and it’s a new word in the gaming industry.  Along with a strong processor, gaming apps also need a lot of memory space to run smoothly and without interference. New Pixel phones will be able to provide a quality gaming experience because of their high-resolution display, good processor, and long battery life. iGaming apps also offer sport streaming and competitions in video games. Google’s own streaming platform Stadia will be available on the phones.

The collaboration of ADT and Nest

Google’s award-winning Nest devices combined with the ADT’s professional monitoring services will create a completely new way of securing homes and businesses. The collaboration will provide more ways of receiving alarms, but also reducing false alarms, as well as more precise detection of potential threats and incidents. Both companies have smartphones, and smart displays as well as security cameras, smoke detectors, and naturally home-security systems that include, motion detectors, security keypads, and other technology. It seems like the collaboration will join Nest hardware with ADT monitoring and installation. ADT will probably only sell Google devices from now on. ADT’s installation experts will work with Google and it will be a great improvement for Nest. ADT announced that each company will add $150 million for the improvement of marketing, product development, and further training of employees.

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