Google ‘Project Stream’ to stream videogames via Chrome

‘Project Stream’ meant to stream graphically intensive games via Chrome

Content streaming is a growing business enough to push new creators and platforms. Streaming games to your living or PC are something Nvidia started with GeForce Now for its Shield Platform. Google’s program named ‘Project Stream’ is intended to do the same via its Chrome browser. Once done, you can stream video game to any device with a supported controller. This way, graphically intensive workload will be offloaded from you to Google and as long as you have a good enough internet connection and the game title.

Technical test requirement

The internet giant collaborated with Ubisoft for this test. Google is currently accepting applications for testers. The company will provide Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for free. This BETA testing should start on the October 5th. The minimum requirement is a 25-megabit per second internet connection and atleast 17 years old for the trial in the US, contrary to Odyssey’s M rating from ESRB.

Google posted a video about its Odyssey’s game capture via its project.

Many AAA-titles are graphics intensive and therefore it makes sense to test it with one. Google said:

The technology and creativity behind these AAA video games is extraordinary—from the incredible detail and life-like movement of the characters’ skin, clothing, and hair, to the massive scale of the world in which the game unfolds, down to every last blade of grass. Every pixel is powered by an array of real-time rendering technology, artistry, visual effects, animation, simulation, physics and dynamics. We’re inspired by the game creators who spend years crafting these amazing worlds, adventures and experiences, and we’re building technology that we hope will support and empower that creativity.

A BIG task

It is interesting Google is using its Chrome browser to deploy this service. It also makes sense as most of us use this web browser in PC desktops/notebooks and Android devices. There’s always going to be a debate about its deployment, centralization or decentralization of services, hardware, latency and graphics quality settings, etc. Deploying this even within a state is a massive task. Even Nvidia’s GeForce Now is a Free BETA for its Shield users, though the list of supported games has increased. Time will tell how its progressed once it comes out of the technical test, further testing, perhaps BETA testing and the final deployment of this services.

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