Google To Provide $35-Per-Month Gigabit Internet

Google is kicking it in high gear when it comes to high gear and leaving no stone turned as they’re providing their gigabit broadband connection to Vermont via Vermont Telephone Co. which provides internet connections to upto 17,500 homes. Currently the company has provided the new gigabit connections to upto 600 household in Vermont.

Vermont Telephone Co’s Chief Executive Michel Guite said that he made this as a ‘personal mission’ to to upgrade their legacy phone phone network which started in 1890 with fiber to provide the fast connection for today’s broadband age. The company had a stimulus of $94MIllion and will be using it to provide gigabit service across their subscriber base in the following months.

It should also be noted that because of Google’s gigabit service which started in Kansas City, now being provided in Austin and soon Provo to follow suit, followed by Vermont Telephone’s implementation of this service, other broadband service providers are being forced to ramp up their service plans to maintain and hopefully expand their subscriber base. Google Fiber’s implementation has caused ripple throughout the nation, even when the gigabit service is provided in few cities as of now.

The recent expansion has proved that Google will eventually expand their fiber service which will eventually affect Time Warner and Comcast’s broadband subscriber base, unless they can try to match the internet services, pricing and speed. But on the bright side, they have a large subscriber base, infrastructure and established network to provide the 1 gigabit service. Question remains: will it be enough for end users to stick with their existing service providers?

The implementation of Google Fiber in Kansas City during Q4 ’12 itself was enough to gain a massive boost in the country’s average internet speed consumption rate in comparison with Q3 ’11.

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