GPU Driver Update: Nvidia released GeForce 331.65 WHQL drivers and AMD released Catalyst 13.11 BETA 7

Both the companies have released the newer drivers. Nvidia’s GeForce 331.65 claim to boost up to 19% performance for GeForce 400/ 500/ 600/ 700 series GPU for multiple games, in comparison with 327.23 WHQL Drivers. It was also stated that it can deliver the best possible gaming experience for BF4 and COD: Ghosts.

Other than that, it enabled GeForce ShadowPlay and GameStream, with an addition of 4K Surround. The download link (for 64bit OS) can be found here.

AMD rolled out a new BETA driver for Catalyst 13.11 and the newer driver assures crossfire scaling of 20% for BF4, and boost for Batman: Arkham Origins to up to 35% together with MSAA 8x enabling for the game. The BETA drivers can be found here.

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