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New GPU-Z update includes AMD Big Navi, Intel Xe DG1 support

The new GPU-Z 2.35.0 update comes support for two upcoming Series from AMD and Intel AMD is soon to reveal the ‘Big Navi’ RX 6000 series graphic card lineups on the 28th, October. Intel will also be debuting its discrete graphics card- the Xe DG1.

About the Big Navi cards…

It is expected to see AMD compete with RTX 30 series Amperee GPU. AMD is hyping up RDNA2, but many users would rather way and see what AMD offers at what cost, range and even power draw. AMD has a lot on its plate to figure itself out before it can consider taking on Nvidia RTX 30 series. There’s no harm in being optimistic while not having high hopes before its release and reviews as AMD Radeon’s performance, availability and power consumption has been underwhelming.

There have been leaks about Radeon 6900XT Vs RTX 3080 to showcase RDNA2 but let us see how it performs at the hands of an independent reviewer.

About the Intel Xe DG1…

Intel Xe DG1 graphics are expected to be used in an AIC and in Tiger Lake mobile CPUs. There hasn’t been a lot of information about its estimate release date or performance. But GPU-Z supports vague hints as progress. We should be seeing information about the DG1 around CES 2021.

TechPowerUp! also included other additions, corrections and support, including the Comet Lake Core i5-10200H’s UHD graphics.

GPU-Z 2.35.0 Update Log

The GPU-Z update can be downloaded from here.

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