January sale PSN

The Great PSN January Sale

Now who could have imagined that after giving games like Borderlands 2 and DMC free for PS+ members, there will be another gift waiting for the members in the online store. With games like WWE 2k14, having original price INR 2499 is being sold at a discounted price of INR 624, 50% off on the latest games such as NFS Rivals, Fifa 2k14, NBA 2k14, this has to be the best sale ever. There are more than 100 games on discount, few of which I will be covering here.

Sadly, this sale is limited to PS3 and PSP Vita members. PS4 users need to wait for a while to get discounts on the games. Though, they can still avail the cheaper upgrade options while buying from the PSN Store.

January sale PSN
Now who does not like discounts?
GamesOffer PriceRetail Price
NBA 2k14Now: INR 1,249Was: INR 2,499
( Discount 50%)
Battlefield 4Now: INR 1,399Was: INR 2,799
( Discount 50%)
Borderlands 2Now: INR 474
(Free for PS+ members in December)
Was: INR 1,899
(Discount 75%)
Call of Duty GhostsNow: INR 1,987Was: INR 2,799 ( Discount 30%)
Fifa 2k14Now: INR 1,399Was: INR 2,799
( Discount 50%)
Ni No Kuni
( Wrath of the white witch)
Now: Rs 626
(For PS+ members INR 563)
Was: Rs 1,899 ( Discount 77%)
Need for Speed RivalsNow: INR 1,399Was: INR 2,799
( Discount 50%)

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