Hardware BBQ officially opens ‘BBQ Community’ Discussion Boards

After months of planning and carefully thought process, Hardware BBQ Finally has something that it never had until now: a community board! Like many sites, we now have a community board but with a key difference is that its run by those who were/are active contributors for community, irrespective of the name. While the main site will cater to reviews and news, BBQ community will emphasize on discussions and recommendations. This way we can not only talk about the reviews or products, but also discuss about various stuff and help those in need. Who is better to run and manage a community board other than those who has contributed in multiple tech forums for a very long time, eh? Smile

I would like to thank Brendon, Moksh and now Kauzy who have been a great contributors anyone could ask for! I would like to thank a lot of people who helped me along the way to shape me, my site and what my site stands for. Shatul Durlabjhi of CompKraft has been very helpful over the time. If I don’t have a test bed good enough to test something, I usually end up being a needle on the backside for him! :P. On a serious note, bunch of nice guys who are ready to do what’s good for the community, and what’s Hardware BBQ does- its represents the potential awesomeness! 

Over the months, we have stopped interacting with a handful of Tier 1 brands who pressured to write favourable content, something that my other counterparts may have compromised to generate content and reader base. Hardware BBQ, on the other hand, didn’t start for the brands, but rather for the people itself. We have pride in our work, and known to be good at what we do. There was a time we have even written a public letter to Gigabyte India and Taiwan with the genuine hope that they will improve, and at the same time other brands irrespective of what they make. All efforts to explain them 1-on-1 didn’t work, and it affected the userbase who relied on the brand for the good stuff. I can only but hope that other execs irrespective of the brands think about this from another perspective and in their infinite wisdom see things through. After all, people want good products and service for a good price, companies want to provide it- and we want to pinpoint the facts where people can benefit and manufacturers can take cons and criticisms as a feedback to a make a good rev version, if it has any flaws that can be take care of!

I would like to thank companies like Coolermaster and WD who have received a good share of compliments and feedback along the way- on the products and other stuff. Unlike certain brands wanted me to review power supplies with a ‘different perspective’ and even asked me to hide the cons in the middle of the review pages as ‘company execs do not read the full review’ (if the respected company execs are reading this, please do keep a close eye on the words and actions of your marketing and PR entities. This advice is for free, you can thank me later! :P), we always reviewed stuff that we can even with limited resources. That’s what we prefer: If we review something, we’ll do it right!! In exchange, we have earned a notorious and esteemed honour of nicknames like ‘Brand Bashers’ and ‘Mischief Mongers’. We want to enhance and encourage the community to grow with clear and honest reviews, not sabotage it by being within the ‘good books’ which would eventually derail their site. Readers are not dumb. They read more than one review source.

bbq comunity 2014_2

For now, we have made simple implementations on the community board since we’re having a Shake-down Cruise’. As time passes we will have stuff, guides and reference articles that will benefit and re-invigorate the D-I-Y PC n00b, fan, enthusiast and maybe hardcore veteran fan base!

We’ll try to encourage overclocking, overclocking sessions (and even try to cover events), PC mods and even encouraging discussions about the components and also about the reviews we do. This way we can learn and keep our testing according to what people need. Heck, within a couple of days since BBQ Community’s formation, we already have a member with a completed PC Mod work log!

Afterall, Hardware BBQ IS a community! We’re not bloggers. We’re not media. We’re bunch of guys who love doing things what we doand we do to the best for the community!

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