Havit HV-MS764 Vertical Grip Ergonomic Mouse Review

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Disclosure: The HV-MS764 ergonomic mouse is sent by Havit.

What about ergonomic mice and what about the Havit HV-MS764??

You don’t get to see products and reviews with such mouse designs except a selected few. The vertical grip ergonomic mice are meant to reduce stress in your hands caused when you’re using the traditional mouse during extended use. Such discomfort eventually leads to injury-like pain, eventually leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. Because of the almost vertical grip design of the mouse, it is more natural of an end user.

Havit made an ergonomic mouse with a relaxed price tag of $27.99, cheaper than many gaming mice out there. The not so very ergonomically named ‘HV-MS764’ mouse also has variable DPI and a string of RGB lighting. No fancy controls. No gimmicky functions. Simple ergonomic mouse with RGB lighting.


The packaging is very basic, which is expected for a mouse in this price range. All you get is the mouse, the detachable wrist rest and some reading materials.


Product Specifications:

  • Chip: PAN3212
  • Interface Type: USB Wired
  • Key Numbers: 6 keys
  • Key Life: 3,000,000 times
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Cable Length: 1.6m
  • Size: 148.85*94.82*98.93 mm
  • Net Weight: 220g
  • Resolution: 800-1200(Default)-1600-2400-4000DPI
  • Operating Current: ≥ 70mA (lights-off), ≤165 mA (brightest backlight)

Package Included:

  • Wired Mouse
  • User Manual
  • Happy Card

The only mouse which uses PAN3212 sensor (according to Google search) is the HV-MS764. The mouse is heavier than a typical gaming mouse like the CM Storm Alcor and Mizar. But when you’re holding the mouse, you’ll notice most of the weight is towards the base. There are six mouse function keys. Towards the base, there are two switches- one toggle switch for the RGB lighting and the other for the DPI setting.

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