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HDD prices (almost) return back to pre-flooded prices

The Thailand floods had a devastating efforts on the mechanical storage market event after 18 months, but it seems that the prices of hard drives are steadily coming back to pre-flooded times. The report points towards the graphs where the data is collected by Dynamite data who were able to provide very detailed data set to see a trend of HDD Price per GB since April 2011.

It was predicted by many that the prices of the hard drives would eventually decline and return back to the pre-flood pricing slowly but steadily. During this time, manufacturers have taken pride in reporting record breaking profits, even taking advantage of the tragic event which affected many lives for profit by phasing out lesser profitable low storage capacity drives in favour of higher capacity storage mechanical drives which uses lesser number of platters, specifically 1TB per platter versions.

But in regards to actual pricing of the drives, It was also being reported that despite WD and Seagate delivering strong profits during this temporary phase, its still not clear if its the retail vendors themselves you’ve taken advantage of the situation developed due to floods.


The floods happened in July 2011, which affect the price to shoot up in the coming months. The charts seems  data which indicates that the prices when down well below $0.55 as of now, but there are some drives which still need to reflect drives before the floods happened, at least in Newegg:



While Mechanical drive prices seem to be going back to pre-flooded price rates slowly but surely, it doesn’t seem to be the case with solid state drive’s prices, as they seem to be increasing since November 2012, according to Dynamic Data:


The data collected by Dynamic data can be somewhat related to actual price trends of certain older SSD drives available since last year when Newegg prices are observed:




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  1. At last!! 1TB Drives are still highly priced. But the good thing is, one episode is almost over.

  2. SSD prices are increasing. Let the next episode begin!

    Time to buy an SSD while I still can…

  3. Ah, at last!! Someone is good at understanding the passive hints!!
    Way to go dude. ;)

  4. i thought people are always good at figuring out passive hints. but the writer has forgotten to observe existing mid end graphic card prices as they have also increased. the new boost edition from asus itself is ridiculously priced but it seems to be the case everywhere. i cant find xfx and after reading that msi post i will not be surprised that issi bahane mein they will quietly exit from india to save themselves. gigabyte dont bring their cards here. asus is now the monopoly market of graphic cards in india….

  5. ^^ Everything depends on the importer here, not the manufacturer. :-(
    Most of the companies don’t have direct presence here.

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