HTML coding on Newegg points Radeon R9 290X to be priced at $729.99, pre-orders started

U.S. based online retail website Newegg listed the AMD Radeon R9 290X reference design graphic card from MSI for pre-order, but the HTML code revealed that the pricing of the the card will be $729.99 excluding taxes, but according to reasons pointed out by a news report, R9 290X may have an actual price of $699.

As of now, Sapphire and MSI are listed for pre-order. Newegg Canada has the R9 290X listing for XFX, Asus, Sapphire and MSI, some bundling Battlefield 4 as limited offer.


There are 2 editions of R9 290X for pre-order: Standard Editions which will have the Never Settle Bundle and the BF4 Edition which will have the BF4 key bundled with the card. One shouldn’t be surprised if Battlefield 4 ends up being a part of Never Bundle, but that’s probably going to take a while.

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