Kingston Datatraveler HyperX 64GB Flash Drive USB 3.0

HyperX DataTraveler 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, initial impressions and Specifications
  3. Test Bench and Benchmarks
  4. Conclusion

Kingston sent a HyperX Datatraveler 64GB USB 3.0 Drive for evaluation.

HyperX is meant to be a series to give an all-round better than mainstream/value series hardware of any kind- memory kit, SSD and flash drives- and much better quality. It will be interesting to see how this drive does especially compare again G2 32GB USB 3.0 counterpart.

  1. arey but where will i get this here? not even flipkart has listed this product at all.

      1. no forget it. no guarantee of good warranty support if a product like this is difficult to purchase in the first place.

  2. kingston should really work on USB storage devices with retractable ports. people accidentally loose the caps and this is a drive many wouldn’t like that. Corsair does that. kingston should do it too.

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