India can send one counter-strike team to ESWC


A news that many regular gamers will really appreciate: The ESWC organizers have made an announcement that India is included in the participant’s list for CounterStrike: Global Offensive. This means what we can organize a nationwide CS: GO qualifier event for ESWC international tournament.

The last time India was in ESWC is nine-years ago. ATE Gaming won through the nation-wide qualifiers, and represented India for ESWC Counter-Strike.

eswc_CSGOThe question that remains now: Who will be the one to organize the qualifier??? Many gaming tournament organizers have a bad history of hosting events and tournaments in an improper manner in reality, irrespective of how some bloggers and website owners have claimed it has been done. In some cases, sponsors were also in question.

Usually I don’t cover tournaments and such events, but the amount of information that I get is very shocking. There was a tournament where it was assured that winners will get cash, but none of the gamers received any amount. I also exposed a sad turn of events about a recent gaming tournament sponsored by Gigabyte and Zotac. It all started with a doubt that I raised about the 10 premium motherboards that Gigabyte claimed to have given, but it turned out that the event organizer did something that he shouldn’t as sponsors were not aware that day 2 DOTA 2 was conducted online- and that Zotac who said that they gave ZBox units to the organizers to secure banner space and not for the gamers. It should be noted that even till this date, Gigabyte India did not clarify about who won those 10 premium motherboards, or disclose the model numbers except the A55 and A75 chipset motherboards via a photograph. I am assuming that Gigabyte India didn’t like when I asked serious questions about this tournament to a point that they might not be in touch with us for a while.

Indian Gaming Carnival was a big disaster that affected India’s reputation for hosting tournaments, though in all fairness it was done by a bunch of unknown people and scams like that can happen in any country. The fact that no brand sponsored the event should assume that people simply didn’t blindly support the tournament, though we wish we could say the same when gamers were taken for a ride. Many of those who covered the event were even intimidated by the bouncers hired by the IGC organizers ‘hoping’ to ‘convert’ the negative publicity they generated since Day 1.

A part of me is happy to see that we can send a clan to represent India in ESWC for Counter-Strike. A part of me is very skeptical because many tournament organizers in India are not concentrating on hosting tournaments properly, even hiding certain details infront of the event sponsors (and also event sponsors not making efforts to know the important detail) and also taken winners for a ride by not providing cash prizes and prizes to gamers as promised in marketing materials, tournament details and announcements. One has to wonder if they’re bothered about reputation or maintaining credibility in general. On the other hand, we had some tournaments done the way it was promised, though they’re usually city-oriented tournaments.

Though we don’t get to see nationwide gaming tournaments like how the now-defunct Indian Pro League did with Halo: Combat Evolved and Microsoft Studios’ RTS titles with Reliance and Microsoft games with TV coverage in Ten Sports there are some city-wide tournaments are done properly- or World Cyber Games. Logitech has sponsored a series of successful gaming tournaments in Bangalore with eSports Interactive Entertainment. The same group is also hosting a new gaming tournament in Bangalore sponsored by Logitech (again) and Taiwan-based motherboard brand ECS Elitegroup.

Of all the things that I’ve suspected which eventually turned out to be true, I hope my skepticism gets killed swiftly and I hope the ESWC chooses the right event manager for hosting the nation-wide qualifier for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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