Intel 3D-stack five-core Lakefield CPU spotted in 3DMark

A conveniently submitted benchmark reveals Intel’s first 3D Foveros Lakefield CPU which allows them to stack its chips on top of each other, much like 3D NAND. This was first spotted in 3DMark and therefore giving the legitimate claim of its existence.

The 3DMark score is taken with salt as it wouldn’t be optimized. But it confirms its testing. Oddly enough, it identifies itself as a five-core CPU with a base clock of 3.1 GHz. While this is under testing, this is necessary not going to be the final spec. It does give a physics score of 5,200 points. This is taken to be any type of ballpark estimation, we should see this by next year. Co-incidentally, AMD Reviour is expected to come out in the year 2020. Whether these will be considered as a direct competitor is potentially unlikely as these Intel chips are expected to be energy-efficient chips. Its main application is unknown for now, but we can all take a guess.

It also indicates that this is tested on a motherboard using the LPDDR4X up to 4,266 MHz. These CPUs are classified as Lakefield. According to a source, Intel would be using one Sunny Cove core with four Atom-based Tremont cores with a combination of 10 and 22nm nodes on the respective dies. There’s also a benchmark identifying Intel 10 gen mobile CPU.

Intel 3D-stack five-core Lakefield CPU spotted in 3DMark from HardwareBBQ

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