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Intel may release 500 motherboards before Rocket Lake CPUs

With the dates coming up, Intel and its plans to release Rocket Lake CPUs are also nearing up. But it seems that its 500 series desktop chipsets will be sold before its launch, according to a source. The Rocket Lake CPUs based for the LGA 1200 socket will be launched on January 11th.

According to the original source, Intel will be releasing the Z590, B560 and the H510 chipsets, which will be available respective motherboard manufacturers. Most likely these motherboards will be showcased during CES 2021, along with the CPUs. The reason for this, assuming it happens, is unknown. But I can’t imagine what major effect it would have if it releases the new chipsets before the processors can be launched.

Features on the Intel 500 series

The new Intel 500 series desktop chipsets will support PCIe 4.0 and AVX-512. It also includes more PCIe lanes for the M.2 NVMe drives, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.0b, USB 3.2 Gens 2.2 which has 20G bandwidth- all out of the box. It is not sure if all, if not any, will work with the currently available 10th generation Intel CPUs. Its also not known if Intel will discontinue the 400 series motherboards. LGA 1200 release and the upgrade path is mostly confusing. But based on what’s known about 500 series specs so far, it is needed if Intel wants to keep up with AMD Ryzen’s offerings.

The LGA 1200 is scheduled to house generation of Intel CPUs, Rocket Lake being the last. The LGA 1700 socket will replace this with the Alder Lake-S series CPUs. 

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