Intel 5th-Gen Broadwell CPUs to be available in June

The new processors which will be using the 5th 14nm Broadwell processors i5-5675C and i7-5775C will now be available for retail from June 1st and June 2nd in the Asia-Pacific Region. These processors offer base/turbo boost clock speeds of 3.10/3.60 GHz and 3.30/3.70 GHz respectively.

Both Broadwell CPUs are unlocked, with both having 6MB L3 Cache, Intel Iris Pro 6200 series graphics with 65w TDP.


The IGP is Intel Iris Pro 6200 and has support for DDR3L 1600MHz. Unlike the earlier Haswell and Haswell-Refresh variants, Broadwell will also have BGA package along with LGA 1150 options. “C” variants are made for desktop sockets, where the “R” variants are BGA solutions. These processors will use the existing LGA 1150 processors so certain chipset motherboards will be made compatible after BIOS flash.  The i7 variant will have quad-core while having Hyperthreading enabled. The ‘C’ variants are unlocked.

ModelC /TClock / TurboL3IGPMemoryTDPSocket
i5-5575R4 / 42.8 / 3.3GHz4MBIris Pro 6200ddr3l-160065WBGA1364
i5-5675C4 / 43.1 / 3.6GHz4MBIris Pro 6200ddr3l-160065WLGA1150
i5-5675R4 / 43.1 / 3.6GHz4MBIris Pro 6200ddr3l-160065WBGA1364
i7-5775C4 / 83.3 / 3,7GHz6MBIris Pro 6200ddr3l-160065WLGA1150
i7-5775R4 / 83.3 / 3.8GHz6MBIris Pro 6200ddr3l-160065WBGA1364

As of now, NCIX is taking pre-orders for i7-5775C processors with $499.99 US price tag.

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