Intel Alder Lake P

Intel Alder Lake P support spotted in Linux Media Driver patches

In the latest report, Intel is working on Linux support for Alder Lake P Mobile support. The microcode update was found in the Linux Driver enablement patch via GitHub. These patches will be working with the Alder Lake S which should be out later this year. It is said that the 12th generation Intel CPU will use a new LGA 1700 socket.

Encoding Support Features

The Kernal code for the ADL-P driver also showed open-source media acceleration. It has the same encoding/ decoding, media capabilities and codec support from the Alder Lake S. It is also the same in Rocker Lake and Tiger Lake on-chip iGPUs. They all support HEVC 12-bit encode/ decode, VP9 12-bit decoding, AV1 8-bit and 10-bit decoding.

The State of Intel

We should see more patches support the media encoding/ decoding options for Alder Lake S and Alder Lake P. Intel works to get that Linx support, and the Alder Lake is not an exception. Intel’s friend for Linux driver support is a good sign of its progress. Though we’re just eyeballing its readiness based on a driver patch.

The situation with Rocket Lake-S…

Intel is said to be released on March 30th but it doesn’t seem to look like a solid choice for purchase, atleast based on the Core i7-11700K reviews coming out from credible sources due to the chips sold by a German-based retailer Mind factory, giving websites like HardwareLuxx and Anandtech the ability to test it. Anandtech retested and updated the review since they were able to get a new BIOS but it is safe to say its best to wait for the final release just in case we would see a better microcode release.

Still, it is unlikely to make a significant cut off in price consumption and get that performance edge at the same time. So we’ll just have to wait and watch how Intel will handle 11gen before getting into Alder Lake. But based on people’s opinions, most would like to wait for Alder Lake and make a decision from there if they can wait.

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