Intel NUC 8 Kaby Lake-G with AMD RX M graphics

Driver support for NUC 8 with Kaby Lake-G CPU and RX Vega M Graphics is nowhere to be seen

Users who upgraded to Windows 10 2004 were in a rude shock

AMD and Intel collaborated and made its first creation a year ago, codenamed NUC 8 ‘Hades Canyon’. Intel used its Kaby Lake-G CPU with Radeon RX Vega M graphics in the same package. The end results really an abomination, even though both competed against eachother actively. The CPU used in NUC 8 was impressive two years ago. However, the problem was with its driver support shortly after its availability in 2018. The respective chipmakers assured support for drivers for up to 5 years. You’d reckon they’d keep up with their word.

Post-Kaby Lake-G fallout

The Kaby Lake G based NUC 8 Extreme was announced shortly after Radeon Technology Group’s Raja Koudari moved to Intel. By then, Intel had a good processing line of processors but lacked in on-chip graphics. Despite being rivals, AMD provided its RX Vega M graphics for the Intel 8th generation BGA CPUs. Tom’s Hardware review had this to say:

Intel’s Kaby Lake-G processors offer surprisingly good performance in an incredibly small package. The NUC8i7HVK is agile in games and applications, and it offers the connectivity to satisfy true enthusiasts. Just be ready to shell out some serious cash for the privilege of owning one. You’re also on the hook for storage, memory, and an operating system.

Since the beginning, Intel had erratic driver support, eventually putting that responsibility on AMD. Right now, neither Intel nor AMD is providing any driver support. Intel did not release any driver for at least twelve months. The chipmaker offloaded that responsibility to AMD where things were smooth for a few months. Customers were surprised to see a lack of support when they installed Windows 10 2004 build, only to find the unknown graphics identification.

The end result is probably because AMD started dominating in processing units, while Intel now has Xe. It still does not excuse both companies as it seems to have abandoned it at the expense of its user’s trust.

Intel re-negotiating with AMD to extend support

Intel Kaby Lake-G AMD RX Vega M Marketing Slide

Intel told Tomha Hardware about its negotiations with AMD to provide graphics support on the NUC 8. We’ll just have to wait and watch and see how things progress from there onwards. But its best both Intel and AMD fulfil their promises until the last day of support. Maybe this would be the first and the last time Intel and AMD will work together on something. But never say never! Due to the collaboration between two rival chipmakers, this is a pretty neat collector’s item. Maybee LGR would end up showing this off ten-to-twenty years from now.

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