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Intel Core i7-6850K clicked, benchmarked and compared!

While there have been some information leaks about the upcoming Broadwell-E SKUs, the Core i7-6850K lands in one of the enthusiast’s hands at OCN. Like a gentleman and a scholar, a member named ‘Maintenance Bot’ not only takes photos of the processor but also benchmarked and compared it with the currently available Core i7-5820K Haswell-E SKU. Broadwell-E seems to be the worst kept secret considering that it wasn’t too long ago with its flagship Core i7-6950X engineering sample was sold for US $2,000 off from eBay auction.

Unlike previous leaks, these information gives a lot of information, including the thinner substrate on the Broadwell-E CPU measuring in at 1.12 mm and compared to 1.87mm thick substrate on the 5820k. The thinner substrate enabled Intel to have a larger and newer designed IHS.

The UEFI on the ASROCK X99 Extreme 3 confirms that it is the Core i7-6850k with a base clock of 3.60GHz and HWInfo64 in one of the screenshots confirms that this is a six core-twelve thread CPU. Apart from the motherboard and the i7-6850K, the member used a 512GB Samsung 950 NVMe SSD, 16GB DDR4 quad-channel 2133MHz from Kingston and a GeForce GTX 980Ti. Apart from the CPUs, the rest of the components are used in both test beds.

3DMark- FireStrike Extreme

On the Fire Strike Extreme, the 6850K earned 3DMark score of 9440 and a physics score of 19065, while with 5820k, it generated 9353 3DMark score and physics score of 16598. Cinebench R15 was also used where the 6850K based a CPU score 1311 cb while 5820K generated 1191 cb.

Cinebench R15- CPU

While it was obvious that this would bump the 3DMark scores, you should note that the 12 cores on the 6850K are very useful to boost the physics score by 14.86%. In Cinebench R15, it’s a 10.07% boost in performance. The SuperPi 32M score is included to indicate the single-core performance. The Core i7-6850k Broadwell-E completed this in 8 minutes and 27.854 seconds while the Core i7-6850K Haswell-E 8 minutes and 38.866 seconds.

The community thanks Maintenance Bot!

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