Intel Core i7-8890G with RX Vega M graphics Spotted

Intel Core i7-8890G is the first CPU to use AMD Vega On-Chip graphics

While AMD didn’t have a good time with discrete graphics RX Vega graphics cards, it would look promising as an on-chip graphics solution for Intel.

Brief History

Things began to change with Radeon Technologies Group after disappointing results with the RX Vega 56 and RX Vega 64 in regards to power consumption and lack of availability in general and no custom design from respective partners. With Raja Koudri officially leaving RTG and joining Intel subsequently. Shortly after, Intel announced upcoming chips to have Radeon graphics in its processors. Due to the timing of events and changes along with future product announcements, It implied Raja’s exit is planned to implement Radeon graphics on the Intel processors.

Specifications Listing

The recently spotted CPU is the upcoming Intel Core i7-8890G processor. It is a four-core/eight-thread processor. Interestingly, along with the RX Vega M GH listing, it also included Intel HD 630 graphics. The Core i7-8890G is clocked at 3.1 GHz, 8GB Cache, 100w TDP and dual-channel DDR4-2400 support. Typical i7 8th series CPUs have 95-watt TDP with Intel UHD 630 on-chip graphics and DDR4-2666 dual-channel support. These are listed under ‘compare unlocked processors’ category, so these can be fine-tuned for overclocks.

When will it be out?

While the listing is still active, the specs page isn’t at the time of writing. Maybe they plan to release the CPU soon? Intel would be having two more Radeon RX M graphics- the Core i7-8750G and the Core i7-8706G.

Intel Core i7-8890G with RX Vega M graphics Spotted from hardware

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