Intel Core i9-9900K Amazon listing gives some interesting information

Amazon lists the flagship eight-core-16-thread CPU for 582.50 US$.

Its obvious a series of SKUs are very close to its release dates when SKUs, its specs, accidental or intentional listing in online websites and special packaging are conveniently leaked. Some of these leaks are done intentionally. Nevertheless, it gives some information and since I did post a CPU buy guide, it will be interesting to see where the new 9xxx series stand.

Specification listing overview

This screenshot comes from a Twitter user ‘momomo’ where he shared the Amazon US listing. The Core i9 9900K is expected to be the flagship in its mainstream CPU lineup. This is an eight-core 16-thread CPU with max clock speed (via Turbo) to 5.0 GHz with 16MB cache and hyperthreading. While its pricing is mentioned as $582.50, there is a 50-50 chance of it being a placeholder pricing. What’s interesting is the exotic packaging, probably to compete with AMD Threadripper’s version. I would not be surprised since many companies had emphasized its premium product’s packaging as an unboxing experience.


Its a translucent blue truncated trapezohedron shaped acrylic boxing with a hinge. It might be orgasmic for few people (no, I am not judging you folks. Its looks like a good collector’s item) one can easily speculate if Intel has bundled a CPU cooler with this processor. It may or may not happen. But it looks to be a big box just to hold just an LGA 1151 CPU unless that container inside is a big Tiffany’s inspired ring case. Intel did a special CPU cooler for its high-end and HEDT SKUs a long time ago. But eventually, it scaled down citing reasons that enthusiasts will get an aftermarket one. More streamlined packaging helps companies to ship out as many units as possible. Maybe there will be an option for Core i9-9900K in a streamlined packaging. It is a bit pompous for my taste if it just contains a CPU!

Soldered IHS…for good?

As mentioned earlier, the Core i9-9900K and the Core i7-9700K have soldered IHS, the best possible heat transfer method for CPUs companies can provide. It is uncertain if it is implemented on all 9th generation CPUs or just for the K series processors. There have been times companies have used liquid metals and thermal pastes.

Intel ditched this for thermal paste application typically used in all of its mainstream CPUs for a very long time. Naturally, enthusiasts will be intrigued as delidding CPUs to change thermal pastes which voids warranty, unless they can get by once the IHS is sealed properly. But it also needs to compete with AMD’s offerings and pricing. It also brought a bad taste for those enthusiasts who did not delid, since the stock thermal paste inside the IHS was not good enough and eventually have its thermal conductivity lose its lifespan.

Intel Core i9-9900K Amazon listing gives some interesting information from hardware

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