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Intel Core i9, i7, i5 Comet Lake-S details CPUs leak conveniently

Brace yourselves, Comet Lake-S is coming!

Considering these marketing slides are prepared and leaked conveniently, it is relatively safe to say the Intel 10th generation Comet Lake-S mainstream CPUs will be out by the end of this month- on paper. While expecting the regular supply and stock of brand new hardware will be nothing short of unrealistic in most parts of the world due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, Intel may release these once the lockdown is lifted in most parts of the world. The blue team did show off its Comet Lake-H series CPUs for laptops, so we might see a similar launch pattern.

Regardless, the specifications on the slides show what to expect from the upcoming 14nm CPUs.

Intel’s three Comets…

Intel Core i9-10900K

The Core i9-10900K is the flagship CPU within its mainstream socket- LGA 1200. This is the 10-core 20-threads processor with a max boost clock up to 5.30 GHz. Leaked benchmarks placed this CPU above the Core i9-9900K. While one may speculate it will topple Ryzen 7 3700X, it might not be a clean victory over the Ryzen 9 3900X.

The Core i7-10700K is an 8-core/ 16-thread younger brother with max clock up to 3.8 GHz, followed by the Core i5-10600K is a six-core/ 12-thread CPU max clocked up to 4.1 GHz. All the Comet Lake-S have the UHD 620 iGPU graphics. Eventually, there will be sub-variants of the Comet Lake-S variant- including the KF abbreviations.

Intel woes

Apart from the pricing expectation of the LGA 1200 socket motherboards, pricing competition with its own previous generation CPUs and AMD, there are problems, the lockdown will delay a lot of plans, even if Intel manages to release end products in some parts of the world. If it doesn’t, AMD Ryzen 4th generation CPUs will be ready by then. So far, AMD Ryzen platform is well known to provide a better deal. We’ll just have to see if Intel humbled down its hopes and dreams during these times.

Intel Core i9, i7, i5 Comet Lake-S details CPUs leak conveniently from HardwareBBQ

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