Intel developing headlight projection for cars

Intel developing a headlight projection for vehicles which can make raindrops invisible, therefore making it easier for you to drive during monsoons. The headlight projection does that by cutting down the number of drops you would see in front of you while driving.

Instead of a light bulb, the car will be fitted with a projector with a camera. Once the camera picks up raindrops in front of the camera, it sends the video feed to the processor which then does the necessary calculations to remove the raindrops and it sends back the projection which blocks out the raindrops. As a result after a certain distance, you will not able to see most of the raindrops while driving.


Currently this is still under prototype. It also should be noted that this requires a lot of processing power and a power projector. Currently, Intel states that the headlight projector gives a headroom of 13ms. But as all things to come and the eventual progress of processors becoming faster, its only a matter of time. Intel says that this should be ready to be installed in cars in a period of 10 years.

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