Intel Devil’s Canyon CPUs can easily overclock up to 5GHz on air-cooling, base clock at 4GHz

According to leaked information from a well-known Chinese source, Intel’s upcoming ‘Devil’s Canyon’ desktop processor will have default clock speed of 4GHz. What also should be noted that a user can easily bump up to 5GHz by just using air-cooling alone.


The Devil Canyon SKU modelled i5-4690K and i7-4790K specs are as follows:

  • Core i5-4690K: Base freq 3.5GHz, Turbo Boost freq 3.9GHz, 4 cores/4 threads, 6MB cache, TDP of 88W
  • Core i7-4790K: Base freq 4.0GHz, Turbo Boost freq 4.4GHz, 4 cores/8 threads, 8MB cache, TDP of 88W

As one will easily say that with the boost clock of 4.4GHz, according to the PDF, this will bring back the era of 5GHz via air cooling. intel_desktop_6

As pointed out previously, Intel revealed that it will be using improved thermal interface material and updating packaging materials which will be supported by Intel 9 series chipsets.  It was also stated that Intel is very excited about Devil’s Canyon as the chipmaker believes that it will be a hit among gamers and hardware enthusiasts.

It is expected that Intel will be showing off its 20th anniversary commemorative Pentium G3258 processor in Computex this year.

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