Intel Skylake-X LGA 2066 HEDT Family

Intel discontinues the Skylake-X HEDT processors

Intel circulated a formal announcement of the discontinuation Skylake-X CPUs. This family of CPUs was its 9th generation Core X Series HEDT processor lineups. These processors were made for the LGA 2066 socket motherboards. Both the Skylake-X and the Kaby Lake-X processors were made for the Intel X299 platform. The Skylake-X lineups were launched in 2018.

Intel made a product change notification about its plans to discontinue Skylake-X HEDT CPUs. As a result, the company will order until January 22nd 2021 shipped before July 9th 2021.

Slow and gradual discontinuation process

While the discontinuation process seems lengthy, judging by the dates. But Intel needs to exhaust most of its stocks and that takes time. It is tricky compared to the process for GPUs since AMD Radeon and Nvidia have multiple AIC partners. Older mid-and-upper range Graphics cards usually sell quicker when its near discontinuation. Sometimes, they’re bundled with new games. Intel sells its own CPUs while has its desktop chips handled by multiple AIB partners. It also has workstation CPUs which may have some demands for certain markets until it outlasts its usefulness.

What’s significant with Intel is that these final orders non-cancellable and non-returnable for the distributors. End-users with these processors will have their warranties honoured until it crosses its 3-year mark from the date of purchase.

The history and legacy of Skylake-X

The Intel Skylake-X series have variations between X, Extreme Edition and Xeon lineups. These used LGA 2066 socket and was typically used in X299 motherboards. This was also when Intel was caught by surprise when AMD responded with its own. The 9th generation HEDT processors had many 9th gen SKUs. It ranged from the base model Core i7-9800X with eight-core up to the crazy 18-core Core i9-9980X. The current 10th Generation HEDT lineups have a handful of SKUs- 4 of them. It is not known if Intel is making room for Rocket Lake-S for this year’s launch or maybe even the LGA 1700 Alder Lake which is destined to be released in 2021. It shouldn’t be surprising regardless. Out with the old to make room for the new.

Unlike Intel, Nvidia did not deny or confirm about the discontinuation about its RTX 20 Turing lineups. It shouldn’t be surprised as its making way for Ampere RTX 30 series launch. But discontinuation of product is a natural lifecycle. But it takes time for the chips to be commercially phased out from the market.

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