Intel ships its first discrete gaming GPUs to devs

Looks like Intel is having steady progress with its first gaming discrete graphics card as it started shipping its DG1V SDV (Software Development Vehicle) kit for game developers. It wasn’t a too long time ago when an unknown Intel graphics card was found in the Eurasian Economic Commissions database.

Intel DG1’s speculated specs

What we know is that Intel’s first card doesn’t seem to go for the flagship offerings. The DG1 does not have a PCIe aux power connector. Naturally, it relies on the 75W via the PCIe x16 slot and implies the intended market and price segment. According to the previous ECC’s listing, the DG1 has 96 execution units and eight cores per execution units, with a total of 768 cores. It is expected the Intel cores to use either 10nm or 10nm+ process. It is expected to be released in June 2020.

Since this is aimed at gaming, the DG1 should be aligned with the low-end variants from AMD and Nvidia. It looks promising as Intel will be the third player in the discrete GPU market. Its been a while since we’ve seen competition in the discrete GPU business. And not a name that can be purchased in the future. There’s nothing like throwing a monkey wrench in a duopoly with hopes it provides better solutions at a better price for the enthusiast community and the gamers.

Earlier, we did point out multiple prototype variants. There’s also the DG2, excluding 1024, 2048 and the 4096 core variants.

Intel ships its first discrete gaming GPUs to devs from HardwareBBQ

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