Intel i7-6700K reviews leak, 29% more performance than Core i7 4790K

Intel may not be happy about it, but potential early adopters will be happy to know that the Sky Lake Core i7-6700K processor will be producing up to 29.1% more performance than its predecessor the Core i7-4790K. This news, however, is not from a rumour-mill websites, but from a review site that couldn’t keep its hands off the ‘Publish’ button.

According to the website, the LGA 1151 socket processor uses Four Cores with 8MB cache and 95w TDP. The base clock is at 4GHz with ‘Turbo Boost’ to be pushing towards 4.20 GHz.It is also pointed out that the processor supports HEVC, H.265 Format 8, 10bit video decoding acceleration.

According to the benchmark table, it seems obvious that the upcoming processor is well made for demanding multi-threaded applications. 3DMark Sky Diver benchmark shows 14.7% boost over i7-4790K while showing a very impressive 29.1% boost with Cinebench R15 OpenGL benchmarks and Sandra 2015 Memory Bandwidth showing 11.4% boost in performance.

The rest are as follows:

Intel Skylake Benchmark

What it should be noted that these benchmarks may not support Skylake as of now and it would take some time for Benchmark utility software makers to roll-out Skylake optimized testing for more accurate readings. But its interesting to see a full list of benchmarks and a score comparison along with screenshots. One point is for certain is the Intel Skylake-S will be worth the wait, especially emphasizing on more PCIe 3.0 lanes on the upcoming platform.

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