Intel i7-6950X Broadwell-E chip is a 10-core 20-thread CPU

The next-generation HEDT Processor will be based on Broadwell-E architecture. The upcoming HEDT flagship ‘i7-6950X’ will have ten physical cores and twenty threads, clocked at 3GHz with 25MB cache. Broadwell-E HEDT Processor lineups will be compatible with the long available 2011-v3 based Intel X99 chipset motherboards with the latest BIOS updates for the same. It’s not yet known if Intel will introduce a refresh motherboard chipset. So far, none of the Intel X99 chipset motherboard BIOS download updates I’ve seen have any Broadwell-E rollout- yet.


Along with the i7-6950X, Intel will have i7-6900K, an eight-core/ 16-thread variant chip, followed by i7-6850K and i7-6800K- both six-core variants with 3.6 and 3.4GHz clock speed. Since the SKUs and its basic specification is out in the open, it shouldn’t be long until these processors are released. These Broadwell-E processors will support quad channel DDR4 memory up to 2400MHz and have up to 40 lane PCIe 3.0 lanes.  The TDP of all these newer HEDT desktop processors is rated for 140w.

The MSRP is not known for now. The current HEDT flagship the i7 5960x, an eight-core 3GHz processor costs US $1049.99.

SKUCores/threadsClock speedL3-cacheSocket

Earlier, Intel released three HEDT SKUs along with Intel X99 motherboard chipset- the i7 5960X with 8 cores clocked at 3GHz, the i7 5930K with 3.5GHz and the 5820K with 3.3GHz. The earlier HEDT processors were released in August 2014. We’ve reviewed the i7-5960X.

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