Intel India makes plans to re-strengthen DIY PC market

Intel is planning to run a series of campaigns to train its channel partners and Intel Technology providers with its roadmaps of upcoming launches and start promoting with a series of plans to promote desktops of all form factors and uses, including its Next Unit of Computing, All-in-one desktop systems and the good fashion and powerful DIY desktop hardware, including for gamers and overclockers. Though Intel didn’t give up specific plans on how they plan to do it, they have highlighted that they plan to launch this campaign in 8 states.

The chipmaker believes that this line of systems provides many growth opportunities for its Intel Technology providers, and also wishes to emphasize further on ‘Internet of Things’ devices and servers. The company believes that there’s a lot of potential in private/hybrid clouds and workstations in manufacturing businesses along with small and medium size business. Another part that have plans to expand their focus towards digital signage, intelligent storage, point of sales and surveillance.

However, as of now, no product specific details or product roadmaps are not been put forward.

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