Intel to introduce Bay Trail powered NUC Kits by Q1 2014

During IDF 2013, Bay Trail made the headlines for the tablet market at its the chip that makes them to compete against established chipmakers in the mobile market, such as Qualcomm and Samsung.

Bay Trail is also planned to be in Next Unit of Computing (NUC) kits as well as a ‘entry level desktop’ codenamed “Forest Canyon”. According to the source, these cheaper-to-produce silicon chips should help in lowering the price of these kits. Since Bay Trail SoC can run without active cooling and also can run the full-fledged Windows OS, not only this makes it perfect for tablets, but also for NUC units as it may keep the kits slimmer.

But atleast judging by the specs, that may not be the case as the height measures 55mm tall. The Haswell powered NUC kits are 1.36″/34.544mm tall, whereas the first gen are 1.55″/39.37mm tall.


For the Q1 2014 launch, Bay Trail chip ‘Intel Celeron N2810’ will be used in DN2810FYK NUC kit,which will have 2GHz clock speed. Intel states in the slide that the usage of this device is for music, photo, video edit, iTunes/Picsa, etc library management, home office, communication and even as a personal media jukebox.

The MSRP of the unit is $139. Intel not only points that the support is for Windows 8, 8.1 and 7, followed by Android, but also for Linux.

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