Intel to introduce newer desktop processor lineups

Intel revealed its plans for desktop produce lineup for this year. As reported earlier, Intel has accelerate its plans to Haswell-E processor to 2H 2014. According to Intel’s Year-on-Year shipment record for Q4 2013, Intel enjoyed a 7% growth for desktop processors. Goes without saying that Intel believes that its best to accelerate plans for pushing desktop processors while there is a good potential for a healthy growth. Good for the chipmaker and its partners, good for the consumers, gamers and enthusiasts- everyone is happy.


What also should be noted is that the changes applies for all consumer platforms: Entry Level, Mainstream, Performance and Extreme users

Starting with Entry Level desktop processor line, the newer Pentium class processors will have unlocked cores.


Intel acknowledged the need to have unlocked processors to allow overclocking as they’ve received a lot of users who buy systems restricted to a minimum budget. Another feature that will be implemented is the Quick Sync Video functionality. This will be available for the newer motherboards with the upcoming Intel 8 series and 9 series chipsets.

For mainstream desktop users, Intel will be bringing Broadwell with Iris Pro.


Intel is sticking with LGA package for desktop and implementing Iris Pro graphics. What should be noted that this will also be unlocked desktop processors for Intel 9 Series chipset motherboards.

For ‘Performance’ category, Intel will be releasing its new processor codenamed ‘Devil’s Canyon’. Unlike the previous generation, this will use an improved thermal interface material and updated packaging materials.


Intel seems very excited with the Devil’s Canyon as it believes that this will be a hit amongst gamers and hardware enthusiasts.

As said earlier, the Extreme Series ‘Haswell-E’ will be released during 2H 2014, along with most of these newer lineups. The Extreme series is running for about 20 years since Pentium 4 days.

intel_desktop_2 intel_desktop_3   This is Intel’s first consumer processor with 8 cores and 16 threads made to work with DDR4 and is compatible with Intel X99 chipset that will be released via major motherboard manufacturers. It should be noted that this is the only platform Intel confirmed to use DDR4 memory, though Intel manage to avoid using the codename ‘Haswell-E’

Seeing that Intel has gone through the trouble to provide unlocked desktop processors even at the Entry Level, the trend of releasing brand new desktop processor lineups is a positive one. As many will agree that at the end of the day, a desktop provides a lot of benefits.

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