Intel IVB-e CPUs have a minor performance boost


The new gen Core i7 Extreme Edition desktop processors from Intel will not have a significant boost in performance, judging by the processor’s specifications that were published by VR-Zone China. Intel made plans to release 3 high-end desktop processors during the second-half of 2013. But looking at the specification chart it doesn’t look it will much faster than its previous versions.

2 out of these 3 processors will be using 6 cores and the other one will be using 4 cores. These will have a small bump in the core clocks, support for 1600MHz and 1866MHz memory support, VT-d and will be using 130W thermal design. The processors that Intel plan to release under “Ivy Bridge-E” is Core i7- 4960X clocked at 3.60 GHz with 15MB Cache and turbo up to 4GHz, Core i7- 4930X clocked at 3.40 GHz with 12MB Cache and turbo boost up to 3.90 GHz and Core i7- 4820K with 3.70 default clock speed and turbo of up to 3.90 GHz.


In short, this will only appeal those who want a slight performance boost in their systems with LGA 2011 motherboards, unless the binning of these processors are good for better overclocking compared to its specifications. But for that to know, only time will tell.

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