Intel Kaby lake CPU and Chipset Info conveniently leaked!!

Question remains- when will it be out??

Intel was supposed to reveal its Kaby Lake desktop CPU lineups by early 2017. But a convenient leak from a product change notification gave a good idea of the initial SKU models from the Core i5, Core i7 and Xeon series. There are eleven SKUs mentioned in the table, varying between 2.4 to 4.2 GHz clock speed. Its not sure if Intel would have i3 series since it absent from the list.


The list was made for its manufacturing partners. In the list, ten models are for desktop class while one is for the server. Intel is using its usual suffix ‘K’ for the unlocked series process while the ‘T’ is for low power consumption. There are some non-suffix locked CPU processors, such as the i5 7400 and the i7-7700.

The Kaby Lake processors will work with the existing Intel 100-series chipset motherboards as few companies started rolling out new BIOS updates. But Intel will be releasing 200-series chipsets. As per the list, its flagship will be the 4.2 GHz base clock Core i7-7700K processor, while the base model is the 2.4 GHz clocked Core i5-7400T. Unfortunately, core counts and respective SKU’s TDP is not mentioned.

New chipsets!

As of now its known that the new Intel 200-series chipsets are B250, Q250, Q270, H270 and Z270. The X299 is a high-end chipset to replace X99 chipset while the C422 will be for server use with models such as the listed Xeon E3-1205 V6 CPU. As of now, its not known when the new motherboards and CPUs will be out. But as existing Intel 100-series BIOS updates are being released, it shouldn’t take long.

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