Intel, Microsoft and WPG launches ‘Made in India’ NUPC

With ‘Made in India’ stuff being a thing, Intel, Microsoft and a semiconductor/electronics distributor WPG Holdings released two NUC (Next Unit of Computing) pitched towards the Indian market, called as NUPC.

Intel NUPC

The basic specification was given, however not much details have been given about the model variant, processor SKU, architecture and the chipset used. The first variant is from core i3 series, a 2 GB memory with 500 GB storage capacity costs Rs. 29,999/- and the 1 TB variant costs 32,999/-. The second variant is from the Celeron series, a 2 GB memory and 500 GB combo with a price tag of Rs. 18,999/- and 1 TB storage option for Rs. 21,999/-. All these units use Windows 8.1 operating system. The actual dimensions are 117 x 112 mm and 35mm thick. Not much information is provided and there is no specification list at Intel India website. It’s not clear which part of the unit is made in India.

Speaking of Tiny PC form factors, Zotac released three variants made for similar market–  Intel i3-5010U dual-core and HD graphics 5500 based ZBOX-RI531-P-BE priced for Rs. 34,999/-, Intel i3-5010U dual-core and HD graphics 5500 based ZBOX-RI531-BE priced at INR 26,999/- and Intel 2961Y Dual-Core based ZBOX-RI323-BE priced at INR 14,999/-.

These ZBox lineups from Zotac are from the all-new R series which provides RAID 0 and 1 options. All the necessary information is provided by the manufacturer which will help the buyer to make an informed decision before purchasing and maybe even provide a better value.

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